Birthday Parties Over, But The Cake Isn’t

How long can it last?

While entertaining at a local business expo, I was approached by a Mom who told me that I had made her daughter a balloon cake before Christmas 2011. Her daughter refuses to toss it out and still has it on her dresser.  The mom kindly emailed me the photo so I could share it with you.

The cake was made from 260 balloons.

A picture of the two princesses wearing their crowns. Taken at the business expo.

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  1. I worked a couple of years at an assisted living residence. I made one of the residents (Noel) a similar birthday cake balloon. Weeks later I saw it immortalized on his only windowsill. A YEAR later I saw it on his dresser. He told me he had rescued it several times from the clutches of well-meaning people helping to clean up or declutter his bedroom. (Some people just don’t get “starved art”, I guess.) I was just SO touched by this.

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