Birthday Kid’s Party Entertainer

Magical Balloon-dude Dale

  • Are you having a kid’s birthday party and need an entertainer for the kids?
  • Are you considering hiring a professional children’s entertainer that can entertain kids of all ages at your childs next birthday party?

Then look no further. Magical Balloon-dude Dale is a seasoned kids entertainer. Dale’s birthday parties are unique because it’s an all balloon party. Like magic, Dale will twist a 3-foot balloon into the most incredible balloon animals you have ever seen while entertaining the audience with silly slapstick, jokes, and improvisation humor.

Magical Balloon-dude Dale is a multiple balloon entertainer, meaning all his balloon animals are made out of two to six balloons. He provides full family entertainment, so he is entertaining to the whole audience, young and old. So don’t worry about the adults being bored. Let Dale entertain everyone, kids and adults, making your child’s birthday party fun for everyone!

Happy Moms say…

Kid's Entertainer - Magical Balloon-dude Dale can put the fun into your birthday party!

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Every child gets a balloon, and if the party is small and time remains, each child can receive a second balloon animal. For most birthday parties, I recommend an estimated 3.0 minutes a creation which translates into 15-18 kids per hour. The average birthday party is under 20 kids, but 1st birthday parties are a more significant event and may require an extra half-hour.