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Arch by Jan Iiams

You can stack ’em, overlap ’em,’ or get creative in their placement to make a typical balloon design more enticing and exciting with Betallic’s beautiful latex balloon line… You can use innovative color placement and step up the size and shape of balloons to increase the visual appeal of the most ordinary of designs, adding very little to the cost but adding perceived value to your work.

The amazing quality of this line of balloons, including LINK-O-LOONS, rounds, and non-round balloons, are in more colors and sizes than ever before. This allows you to offer more creative options for expanding your design repertoire, will enhance your artistic reputation, and make your work easier and more profitable.

Be a pro…

Using the proper terminology can instill confidence in your client. Just like using the word “monofilament” instead of “fishing line, “…you just sound better! And, your customer may not know exactly why your work looks so beautiful, but they will recognize well-designed décor when you show it to them. Let’s learn how to do your work; it’s best with a quick review of “the rules” that govern the design of all kinds.

  • Unity is the relation of elements in a design to create a look of “oneness.
  • Proportion and Scale are referring to the design elements and how they relate to each other.
  • Focal Point is the center of interest. Typically the largest or darkest element placed low in the design.
  • The accent is secondary to the focal Point but adds emphasis.
  • Balance of elements physically and visually within the design.
  • The texture is the surface quality of a shape – rough, smooth, soft, hard glossy, etc. Make your design more enjoyable with a pleasing mix of coordinating elements.
  • Harmony The elements must complement each other.
  • Rhythm leads to an optical path through the design.
  • Space is needed to allow elements to stand apart to be seen, yet give the impression of harmony.

Color Sells! Cash in on Winning Color Combinations:

Never fail designing color combinations for Primary and Secondary colors (Easy, even for the colorblind!)

Traditional – Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange

Pastel – Pink, Pale Blue, Yellow, Wintergreen, Lilac, Peach

Bright – Rose, Turquoise, Goldenrod, Wintergreen, Lilac, Peach

“Families” of balloon categories make coordination easy. Metallic and Pearl textures are very pleasing together, as are Fashion and Pastels, for instance. Betallic’s website shows how to create harmonious color schemes in projects that can be viewed complete with step-by-step instructions, and you can see at a glance what balloons are available in what colors.

Tools and Equipment:

The right equipment and tools will put lots more jingles in your bank account. With Conwin equipment like the Dual Split-Second Sizer, Insider, and Balloon Bulbs, you can create professional precision décor faster than you can imagine.

There is no more waste of expensive gases with hand sizing and lumpy, bumpy lines in your work when you size by eye… You can pay for the equipment in gained profit in very short order.

Hi-Float treated Betallatex Balloons last longer than other brands. It’s simple, a more flexible balloon that can be more fully inflated has more lift! Your customers will love your extra long-lasting balloons.

Best of all, Ultra-Hi-Float weighs less, costs the same as Super, and lasts twice as long. This means LINK-O-LOON balloons have more lift and longevity. Beautiful and a longer float life—a perfect combo!

Good Designing!

Jan Iiams, CBA
Betallic LLC

Creative and Education Manager

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