The Kit That Successful Balloon Yard Art Installer Must Have On Them

Balloon Yard Art Emergency Kit

Have you ever had that uneasy feeling when delivering balloon decor? You know that unsettling feeling that something is going to go wrong with the balloon yard art installation, and you’re going to do an emergency fix on site.

Here are the things I bring when installing balloon yard art.  I like to call it my emergency kit, as it helps reduce my anxiety about the balloon installation.

  1. Spare balloons, as accidents do happen, and nothing could be worse than popping a number or letter on delivery and not having a replacement on-hand.
  2. A balloon inflator, as spare balloons are beautiful to have, but if you cannot inflate the balloon, then extra balloons are useless.
  3. Hammer to drive in stakes or pipes.
  4. A gallon of water – Pouring water on the soil when installing a post or rod into the ground becomes easier and requires less force.
  5. Facemask, as face-to-face contact with a client, may not be avoidable.
  6. Additional poles if not using conduit pipes.  Hard soil can easily snap or bend a rod that is being forced into hard ground.
  7.  Sandpaper to smooth over any burs, rough edges, or sharp spots on pipes or rods.
  8. Spool of monofilament, aka fishing line to secure any letters or numbers that require additional securing.
  9. Tape to repair foil edges that leak or strong ducktape for the heavy-duty jobs.
  10. A sheet or large blanket – In an extreme case, it may require me to place parts of the balloon art on the ground, while repairing the broken section. The under padding will reduce the pavement or grass from breaking the balloon sculpture.
  11. Weights, be it water, bricks, or a workout weight, can be used as the weather can shift from sunny and still too overcast and windy.
  12. An essential tool kit includes a knife, screwdriver, wrenches, and a variety of tools. I think it better to have in my vehicle than asking a client to rummage through their garage looking for tools for me to use.
  13. Balloon shine or hair spray, if needed, for those balloons that pop and need to be replaced.

I find balloon installation easy, but it’s the anxiety that builds as I  worry about all the things that can go wrong.  Not helping is balloons are affected by light, heat, and humidity.  With every balloon installation, my OCD kicks in, and I want to make it perfect for the client, so I come prepared for the worst.

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1 thought on “The Kit That Successful Balloon Yard Art Installer Must Have On Them”

  1. LOVE the staircase picture above ! EVERY person should have someone like YOU in their family, ….ready for any possible mishap!!

    I know for us it’s my husband…who else would have EVERYTHING you could possibly need for an emergency in both vehicles – people tease him mercilessly until we would be on the road far away from comfort of garage and all THAT STUFF …or a big hockey tournament and that one or two parents car/truck breaks down or there’s an emergency – he’s the one with EVERYTHING you could imagine possible going wrong – not too many people think of that – it could save a life, bring a new life in (mom giving birth), save you from freezing or heating up, tires, safety, gauges, safety kits maxed out, duct tape to an energy bar – he’s on it – thought he broke the mold….then there’s YOU…OMG I could go on and on but I’m running out of room

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