Balloon Show and Lou Malnatis Pizza at Highwood Public Library

Balloon Show Art of Inflation by Dale ObrochtaIf you were outside the meeting room, you would have heard the giggles from children and the parents’ laughter as they watched the balloon show, Art of Inflation.

Right from the beginning, Dale captivates with choreographed balloon twisting to a music montage that establishes his balloon skill. An amusing tongue twister opening fascinates parents, all in the first few minutes.

A sequence of multi-colored balloons is waved in the air and transformed into a hat, then progressed in stages from a silly spiked hat to a flower hat, and finally into a peacock in front of the audience. The final result astonishes not only the kids but all the parents as well, and the applause indicated that the show was off to a great start.

To celebrate Spring, the Youth Service of Highwood Public Library hosted a balloon entertainer and Lou Malnati’spizza party for library patrons of Highwood Public Library. “Magical Balloon-Dude Dale” is a balloon entertainer who mixes unbelievable balloon creations with comedy geared toward kids for a great family-friendly show. Dale Obrochta’s show, Art of Inflation, books performances in several area venues.

Dale’s balloon show relies on audience involvement, and the kids were more than willing to volunteer. Every little hand in the audience was raised, and Dale made a show of walking around the crowd to pick a child. Dale’s slap-stick antics soon had the audience laughing as they watched Dale inflate a balloon through a child’s ear, as onlooking parents snapped pictures with their cell phones.

Moments later, Dale is off into the crowd again, picking two more volunteers. This time they were moms. Again, the audience laughed as Dale demonstrated a Karate stance needed to assist in making a balloon creation. Dale had the two moms hold several balloons together while he twisted and tied every which way. To the surprise and delight of the whole audience, a life-size ballerina was revealed.

The final balloons included a peacock, octopus, dog, ballerina, and a giant flower. Forty-five minutes of laughing and chuckles had the audience ready for Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza as the families were invited to eat, take pictures, and inspect the practically life-size balloon creations up close.

The library was a great place for Highwood residents to enjoy a fun afternoon of laughing, creativity, and great deep dish pizza from Highland Parks, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria.

Balloon entertainment is just one of the many youth events scheduled on the calendar for the Highwood Library. The calendar of events is located at a flyer can be picked up at the library front desk.

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