What Balloon Figures Do Adults Like?

Betty BoopWhy do people ask what adults like?  I am an adult and I know what I like.  Give me Sponge Bob, Phineas & Ferb, or ICarly over reality TV.  Make it funny, creative, adventurous and the kid in me jumps to the forefront of my personality.

I think that is true with most people.  Yet, entertainers struggle to figure out what adults like.  I see this type of question posted several times a year, “I’ve been hired to do a party and there are no kids. What do I make?”  Last time I checked, it was not a 2-year old buying airline tickets to Disney World, it was the parents. Nightclubs are filled with adults shuffling on the dance floor, just like a group of kids having a dance party in the living room.  Ask any senior citizen how old they feel and they will give you a number 20-30 years younger.  The child in us never dies, it may be dormant so we can function with other adults, but internally we see ourselves as a fun-loving youngster.

Adults’ vocabularies become defined, actions are more calculated, social skills are more developed, yet they are still children at heart.  So it does not matter what adults like, it is about making the connection with their childhood.  Once a connection is made, you will have adults giggling in delight and reverting to childlike behavior and playing with their balloon figure.

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