How to make a Balloon Cocoon

(Caterpillar/Butterfly Body)

Here’s a quickie for today. Simple and easy. Use it as a stand-alone or can use it as a butterfly body. I learned this one at one of the many conventions I used to attend. I can’t remember who taught it, but it is not my original. It’s a cool one. Enjoy!

  1. Inflate a more clear 260 (Jewel tones work best for this….and the totally clear one.) only ¼ the way. Twist a ½ to 1-inch bubble on the end. Push that bubble into the balloon.
  2. Twist just above the bubble inside the balloon.
  3. Push that balloon inside the balloon, as before.
  4. Twist another bubble just above the last bubble in the chain that is inside the balloon.
  5. Push that inside the balloon.
  6. Repeat as necessary until you have about 5-6 little bubbles inside the balloon.
  7. Before you take your finger out after the last bubble, pop the seal that is around your finger inside the balloon. Take finger out and tie off the balloon.

If you want to leave it as a cocoon, leave it as it is. Pop the outer balloon to make a great caterpillar body (Add antennae) or a butterfly body (Add wings and antennae)


Have fun and keep on Twistin!

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