Balloon Animals, How do you make them?

Many people are looking for instructions on how to make balloon animals.  One of the oldest web site and most popular sites for balloon animals is the kid’s page on  There are basic instructions on how to make a balloon dog to a more complicated human face out of balloons.  The site now offers video instructions along with links to purchasing balloon supplies.

Many people assume you can learn from watching a YouTube video and printing out instructions from the Internet, but most times these instructions are not designed for beginners but are designed for balloon entertainers.  If you are really interested in learning how to do balloon animals then purchase a  balloon animal kit that comes with all the tools you need to make balloon animals.

Balloon twisting is harder than it looks.  Most entertainers can make balloon twisting look simple, but this is only accomplished after spending days, months, and years developing their skills.

If you do have some balloon twisting skills and are trying to figure out how to make one balloon animal in particular, then check the balloon animal database.  You will be able to search for the type of animal and find what book, video, DVD, or CD contains the instructions.  Keep in mind this is what people do for a living and if you are looking to save money and do it yourself, don’t expect a professional to sit down and write out step-by-step instructions for you.   If you are really serious about learning buy the material that teaches you the correct way to make the balloon animal.

If you have balloon skills already, check out the forum.  This balloon animal forum has entertainers from around the world sharing information about balloon entertainment.  Become a member and get access to 100’s of insider information and instructions.

So if you’re surfing the net looking for balloon animal information then this blog and website is where you need to look.   After all, this is what I do for a living.

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