Balloon Animals aren’t Corny

Balloon Animals Kids Favorites

Over the last decades balloon animals have evolved from simplistic designs to an artistic media that is creativity limitless. The pallet of balloon colors is ever increasing along with size of the twisting balloons.  Ideas once dreamed of being created are now showing up on fashion runways and in art galleries.  But, with all this creativity, and all the colors, kids still calmer for the simplest balloon sword. Simplistic in design, highly breakable and corny, yet every professional balloon entertainer will forge a weapon out of balloons.

Award winning balloon artists to teenage balloon animal enthusiasts all have the gift to twist a sword. In parents eyes a balloon sword is not corny, it’s their child’s thing of joy.  So on those days when struggling to be creative, keep the balloon animals corny and the jokes funny. The charm of the balloon animal will do its job and a child’s delight will make the corniness all worth it.

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