Balloon Animal Video Instructions on How to Make a Rabbit

Rabbit Instructions

twistThis is a very well done video and the sound quality is excellent.  The balloon animal instructions for the rabbit are very, very basic, which is excellent for beginners. This balloon design is one of the first balloon animals entertainers learn when first starting out.  This is very simple and would be a good video for kids to watch.

While watching the video you will notice the entertainer talks about balloon bubble size based on finer width.  This is a very common communication between balloon entertainers.  We use our fingers width to give approximate sizing and allow the entertainer to be consistent with the balloon bubbles.

Balloon Required: The standard 260-twisting balloon is used.  The 260 number is the diameter (2 inch) and the length of 60 (inches).  This is the normal twisting balloon used by balloon entertainers.

Twisting Level: This is a begging balloon animal design that is simple enough for kids to accomplish

Likes: Like the he added in a variation of the rabbit lying down.  This design is too simple for an entertainer, but for a child learning the balloons is a great achievement to take a basic design and change it slightly and have a different version of that balloon animal.  This is a great confidence builder when a child can make more than just one simple design.  There is no wasted time in this video, direct and to the point instructions.


I would have seen a quick face drawn on the balloon.  This would have a beginner more ideas on variation just by adding a face.

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