Balloon Animal Video Instructions on How to Make a Balloon Flower

Balloon Flower

twistDo you love the sound of a squeaking balloon? Then this is the training video for you!  Like most balloon animal videos, videotaping is in a home and the camera works maybe questionable.  Nevertheless, this video has good video and excellent audio, which is why you hear all the squeaking.  The balloon flower shown in this video is the basic balloon flower and is taught in almost every beginner balloon book.  The technique for measuring and twisting the peddles together can vary from entertainer to entertainer, but getting to the result is what most balloon entertainers stride to achieve.

Balloon Required: What I can see from this video, she is using the standard 260-twisting balloon.  These are the typical balloons used to make balloon animals

Twisting Level: This balloon flower is the basic balloon flower, but not as easy as described.   You are going to have to get over the fear of the balloon breaking, the sound of a squeaking balloon, and the hand strength to make the flower.  The technique illustrated for making the flower is for adults and not children.

Likes: The performer did a nice job at showing how to section the flower peddle, allowing for proper proportioning.  Portioning is critical to make a professional looking balloon animal and recommended in the video.

Dislikes: This is how many entertainers learn to make the basic balloon flowers. However, other techniques for making a balloon flower make it easier for beginners to make it.  If you have experience twisting balloon then this flower should be very easy for you to make.

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