Balloon Animal Video Instructions on How to Make a Balloon Animal Fun

Steve MartinIf you are looking to learn how to make a balloon animal then Steve Martin is not your master balloon animal instructor.  However, if you are looking to learn how to use balloon animals in a comedic routine, than this is an excellent video to watch.  This is an early stand-up routine of Steve Martin designed for adults and not kids.

The comedic genius of Steven Martin, takes basic trick store props, and turns them into a successful career.  I would not recommend anybody to duplicate this routine, but understanding his comedic-timing and how he uses his body and words to setup is routine is priceless.

Balloon Required: When this video was created, the twisting balloon were of a different quantity.  You can see this in the video just by the color of the balloons.  Martin was not looking for a balloons that he could twist a balloon animal, but one that would give him a comedic spontaneity by popping.

Twisting Level: I have learn a little about Steve Martin’s background and know in his early years worked at Walt Disney’s trick shop, so it would be safe to say he can twist a basic dog. In his routine he does not use any real balloon twists, he is just being comedic.  He does mouth inflates the balloon, which was actually easier back then.  Balloon manufactures have change the properties of the latex balloon, have added synthetic to the product, and now recommend that you use a pump to inflate the balloon.  The new formula do allow for more colors and a better quality of twisting balloons.

Likes: Just the basic comedic genius of Steve Martin to start with makes this an incredible routine. He takes something very simple and makes it funny.

Dislikes: This video, which is part of his stand-up routine, would air on TV after 10:00 pm, but I am sure you can see in on Cable TV in prime time.  As a kid’s entertainer, the comedy is for adults – but that was never the target audience.

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