Balloon Animal Centerpiece Video – Blast from the Past.

Here is a video that I made in 1993 or 1994 to help promote my balloon centerpiece business. I never made any copies of this video so this is the first time anybody has seen it outside the family. This digital remastered, ok who am I kidding – I transferred it for VHS to a DVD. Back then I thought I was clever and videotaped my computer monitor. I used a simple Power Point presentation for the graphics. If you look closely you will see the video monitor refresh line running thought the pictures. Back then I took real pictures on film which meant I had to videotape pictures.

You could be wondering why some of the figures, like the reindeer is yellow? When this video was developed Qualatex only had the standard ten jewel tone colors. Talk about using your imagination.

I did alter the video at the end to include new contact information. Who knows this could start up my centerpiece business all over again.

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