How to Make a Balloon Animal Butterfly

I created this butterfly about 18 years ago. It was my very first creation! It is my favorite thing to make little girls… but some boys like it too!
Butterfly - Step 2

Inflate two 260s about 18″. Make two bubbles at the nozzle ends and twist together.

Butterfly - Step 3

Wrap around the child’s head.

Butterfly - Step 4

Twist together.

Butterfly - Step 5

Make 2 pinch twists.

Butterfly - Step 8Make 2 pompoms or bobbles at the ends.

Butterfly - Step 10Inflate two 260s leaving about a half in tip on each. Make 2 small bubbles and twist in at the back of the hat base.

Butterfly - Step 11

Tie the two balloons together at the tips.

Butterfly - Step 12Slide it in under the pinch twists.

Butterfly - Step 13Take each wing and squeeze the balloon off center. I like it to be about 2/3 for the front of the butterflies wings and 1/3 for its back wings.

Butterfly - Step 14Finished Butterfly!

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