Where’s The Babysitter?

BabysittingHave you ever tried working at home… with kids there? You are literally bombarded with questions, requests, requirements, all eating away at the hours of the day. When you have kids, the days are just longer. I would love to sleep in, but being the geek I am, it requires three buttons to turn on the TV and a series of strategic button pushing to turn on cable, TV, and receiver. I am not sure why, but every morning when the sun rises, so too must the TV volume.

I programed all the kids’ stations to the memory keys to make them much easier to find. Yet, to a three- and five-year old it just ain’t gonna happen. Notice, I use the word easier; not sure if my wife sees it that way, but I do.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my boys, but… you knew a but was coming. Kids are time-sucking human beings that when left alone can cause more mayhem then a squirrel let loose in a house. Now, squirrels can cause a lot of ruckus, but kids open doors, windows, closets, turn every TV on, distribute every Lego, Power Ranger and toy car all over the living room floor, and all this before 9:00 am. It’s at that time that they ask, “Can I have my morning snack?” The sugar coated cereal hasn’t left their blood stream yet and they want replenishment for the afternoon destruction.

Yes, 9:00 a.m. to a five-year old and the elderly is afternoon, for us younger adults, it’s time to find some reading material, lock the door, and get five minutes of uninterrupted peace.

OK, it is the 21st century; reading material is my cell phone. How else do I, I mean “we” keep informed about our silly family and friends’ insane comments. Mobile devices are adults’ Sponge Bob. We sit quietly watching, reading, and responding. Life is the babysitter who ties us down to a chair and makes us work, while our kids relentlessly interrogate us about life and the world around them.

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