SB 1499 Flies out of the Business & Professions Committee

This past week I contact Pioneer Balloon Company this past week to get a reaction to California Bill SB 1499. Here is their response:

SB 1499 was set for reconsideration on Thursday, June 26, after the Business and Professions Committee’s initial rejection. Unfortunately, one member changed her vote, and the bill was able to pass the committee by that margin. While we are disappointed with the result, we are continuing to fight and will not stop until the bill is defeated.
In the meantime, you can visit the coalition Web site for more information:

As it stands, the Assembly will adjourn for a break starting July 3, 2008, and will reconvene sometime in August. At that time, SB 1499 will be heard in the Appropriations Committee though the date is not yet certain.

Pioneer, along with The Balloon Council and other industry partners, is continuing to expand the action plan that will stop this bill as soon as we possibly can. We have tactical plans for the Appropriations Committee, the Assembly Floor, and the Governor’s office, if necessary.

Please continue to check your e-mail and look for updates regarding SB 1499, and please follow up with the actions requested. We have come close to stopping this bill on two separate occasions, and we will find a way to stop the effort to outlaw helium-filled foil balloons in California. Thank you again for your support on this critical effort.

The SB 1499 Bill will have an impact on minority owned business.  Pioneer estimates 40% or approximately 1,800 balloon distributors and florist are female owned and operated business will be affected by this bill.

As this SB 1499 moves through the Assembly the opposition to the bill will increase. The turning point occurred when Assembly member Horton, who had abstained, switched her vote to yes keeping the bill alive.

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