The Best Advertising Idea

Advertising is expensive and often, in our business, really does not generate the business it should.  People looking for face painters have an immediate need – they aren’t likely to see an advertisement somewhere and say to themselves, “oh I really need a face painter!”  No, our potential customers usually think about hiring us when they are planning a party or event and then try to find contact information.

But how do you make them think about YOU when they discover this need?

Having them know your name or just remembering they saw something somewhere with your information is a first step.  Something that caught their eye and made them comment or was really cool.  What would do this?  A car wrap!

A car wrap is printed advertising that is laminated and then applied to your car with adhesives (which are removable with direct heat).  You can put any image you want on your car… samples of your work, lettering, satisfied customers… anything.

You can wrap your entire vehicle or only part of it.  Cost varies depending on the size of your vehicle, the make and model as some are more labour intensive to install and labour costs increase,  whether you want to cover it completely or only partially, and the design work involved, etc.

Most sign shops, printers and graphic design firms offer vehicle wrap design and installation.

The cost to have my wrap designed and installed on my RAV4 was under $1,300.  And it paid for itself in less than a year.  I get calls from people who comment on my cool car, clubs hire me to paint as they see my vehicle parked across the street, and I have people doing double takes as they pull up beside me on the highway.

Car Wrap - Best Advertising Investment EVER!

My vehicle works as a billboard for me when I am painting at festivals and public events as people see the car and come looking for me.

All in all it was the best investment in advertising and marketing that I have ever made and I highly recommend it to anyone in an industry like ours.

© Shannon Fennell 2009

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