A Sarcastic Comment

Now this hasn’t been the first time I heard this comment, but I just cannot understand the reasoning behind it. While balloon twisting I get an adult who feels they are superior to others and will request multiple balloon animals for a child that’s not present. They tell me stores like the child just came out of the hospital, it’s their birthday, or they are seeing the child later in the day so they need a balloon for them. This is hardly ever a problem except most these people come at the very end when you just shut down the line or have packed up your supplies and waiting to be paid.

You politely inform them that you’re finished balloon twisting and you’re sorry but you have to get going. They proceed to tell another sob story on why they need a balloon and try their best to persuade you to conform to their wishes. When you don’t give in you hear the remark… “We’ll I was going to hire you, but now… forget it” and they walk way.

What’s the old saying… you catch more flies with honey the vinegar. I find when I’m not pushed into their demands I try to do something little for them if possible. But as soon as they act like a spoiled child who didn’t get their way, I think to myself – I’m glad you don’t want me at your party, because I would rather be at a party that has considerate, kind, and attentive host who makes working for them a treat and therefore I’ll do my upmost to make their event as special as I can. So for all those people who make sarcastic comments about not hiring a performer, you’re not hurting our business, you’re just giving us the opportunity to work with the nice people in life.

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  1. Sorry to hear about this Dale, but I have also encountered it. I usually politely explain that the balloon twisting I do is for the children actually at the event, and that unfortunately with the time I have available, it’s not possible to make balloons for anyone not actually there.

    It’s unfortunate that some people will try to take advantage of any opportunity, but you’re right in that these are not the kind of people we want to be working for. It’s a blessing in disguise that they reveal their true colors before we agree to work for them!

  2. I’m sorry people are so rude. I’d never and never have done that to entertainers. It doesn’t happen to just entertainers. It happens to anyone with a business. There’s always that one customer with the guilt trip…..

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