A Money Saving Tip for Buying Twisting Balloon


Everyone on the face of the earth knows buying in bulk saves money.  Most entertainers do this, but here is a tip on how clever entertainers save money and some even make money.  If you buy balloons online, then you’re going to have to pay to ship, but how would you like to reduce shipping costs? I’m not talking about buying hundreds of dollars worth of balloon supplies that the retailer sweetens the deal by giving you free shipping – you just gave them hundreds of dollars, of course, shipping should be free.   I’m talking about is buying your supplies and receiving reward points for each purchase, just like you get with major credit cards.  The nice part is that these reward points are redeemable for more twisting balloons or used to reduce/eliminate shipping altogether. Does this sound too good to be true? Then you haven’t been buying your balloons from the mbd2.com store.  Mbd2.com rewards its customers with points on every purchase.  No matter if the item is on sale, closeouts, pumps, DVDs, you name it, you earn points.  Mbd2.com is competitive in price and will do special orders on request.  Just ask and we’ll get it for you.

Additional benefits to using mbd2.com’s store are the owner is a full-time entertainer who can assist you in evaluating and purchasing products. There are no inexperienced salespeople here, just professionals.

Make Extra Money Selling Balloons

The declining economy is forcing entertainers to look for new revenue sources.  Many entertainers are introducing Google ads as part of their web design in hopes of gaining advertising revenue from their customers. Too often, these Google ads are for competing entertainers seeking out a business that can lead potential customers’ way from hiring you. Here is a solution for you to earn money off your customer and onlookers. Simply place an affiliate banner ad with HTML code linking your website to the mbd2.com store.  That’s it! Then sit back and earn a 5% commission on all sales referred from your website.

Make Money on the Upsale

Doing an event and the customer would like balloon centerpieces, but funds are limited and so is your time? Have the customer click on your mbd2.com store affiliate link and earn 5% off their purchase.  By strategically placing products associated with your service along with a mbd2.com affiliate link. For example, simply place your mbd2.com affiliate linking to the birthday balloon centerpiece on your birthday page. The upscale occurs when the customer buys the birthday centerpiece. You don’t do anything, nothing to make, nothing to carry, nothing to ship – just provide them the link to click on.

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