A Minute in the Life of a Balloon Entertainer

There are days that I can be entertaining a group of kids and all of a sudden a stench raises beneath my nose that can make a person’s eyes water. The foul smell immediately takes over all the fresh, clean breathing air. I try to make my twisting movements larger to generate a breeze, but the bigger I twist the greater the updraft is produced. Looking up from twisting I can see one parent talking to a child, while four to five good-natured kids wait for their balloons. I say nothing and keep twisting.

Minutes later the smell of raw sewage again attacks my noise. When I look down I see that little baby holding their parents hand. The stink is coming from that baby’s diaper! What is wrong with that parent, can they smell the disgusting odor coming from their kid’s pants? I work quickly to make sure this foul-smelling baby will be next to get its balloon and what happens next? The parent will ask for a complicated balloon creation. I can’t say no, because I have done three prior to her request. A flashback of the movie, Silence of the Lambs, plays through my head. Jody foster is performing an autopsy on a decaying body and places Vicks under her nose to kill the smell. My goal to set a new balloon twisting record – completed or not, this baby will get its balloon in record time. As the parent and baby depart the smell of clear fresh air slowly filters back into the room making life beautiful and fun again as a balloon entertainer.

3 thoughts on “A Minute in the Life of a Balloon Entertainer”

  1. why do you make balloons for kids still in diapers? I never do under 2. Some clowns don’t do until 3.

  2. If a parent (legal guardian ) wants a balloon for their child/baby, I can only warn them that the possibilities of choking can occur after that its their responsibility to monitor their child. I can only rely on the parents judgement on how the child will behave with the balloon animal.

    The parent can easily ask for a balloon animal for themselves and hand it directly to the child. So all you can do is inform and educate as best you can. The final decision is up to the parents – not the entertainer.

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