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  • Parts/Fractions Curriculum
    Materials Needed: 1 bag of 260 twisting Balloon, calipers and a ruler.
    This home school curriculum will require counting, adding, distinguish colors, measuring, and calculating the number of parts. Students will work with fractions and or decimal conversion.This curriculum will introduce students to the balloons and tools used in the following home school curricula.

  • Mathematical Symbols Curriculum
    Materials Needed: 4-260 twisting balloons and a ruler.
    This curriculum will help the student to understand basic geometric shapes with regarding to mathematics symbols. The final exercise uses 3-260 balloons to develop a 3 balloon sphere.

  • Half of a Ĺ of a .50 Curriculum
    Materials Needed: 3-260 twisting balloons, ruler and a marker.

    This homeschool curriculum will help develop the students understanding of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and wholes. The final exercise uses 3-260 balloons to develop a 3 balloon flower.

  • Infinity and Beyond
    Materials Needed: 3-260 twisting balloons and calipers.
    This homeschool curriculum will help explain infinity and spatial dimensioning. The final exercise uses 3-260 balloons to develop a star balloon.

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About the Homeschool Curriculum:
These home school curriculums are designed for home school educators who want an educational projects that develop problem solving skills, mathematics and eye-hand coordination.† It includes creative thinking and problem solving questions. The studentís curriculum requires a ruler, caliper, balloons, a marker, and a balloon pump to help solve these problems. Unless you have access to the materials it is strongly recommend that you purchase a kit which includes all the needed material plus a curriculum answer key to all the questions.

The first challenge to the student will be working with the balloons. As the assignment progresses the questions will become more intensive and require greater skills. Each home school curriculum can be modified to the proper grade level. For example, if the problem is dealing with how many parts, alter the wording to use fractions or percentage to increase the difficulty.

This home school curriculum are designed not only to be educational, but fun. Students use newly learned material to build a balloon animal.