Balloon Entertainers Kit

Balloon Animal Entertainers Kit


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Balloon Animal Entertainers Kit

If you’re an entertainer that would like to do more with balloons, then this is the balloon animal kit for you. The balloon animal entertainers kit comes with 3 types of twisting balloons, 1 easy load Mini balloon bag, 1 dual action hand pump, 1 easy to follow Captain Visual’s One Balloon Handbook, and 3 Sharpie markers. All equipment is professional quality.

Balloons – 300 balloons total in this balloon animal kit!

100 Assorted 260Q balloons, (1 bag) containing Purple, Pink, Ruby, Orange, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, White, Yellow, and Green

100 Assorted 260Q-Entertainment Assortment, (1 bag) containing Wintergreen, Goldenrod, Rose, Spring Lilac, Violet, Gray, Brown, and Clear.

100 Assorted Neon balloons, (1 bag) Orange, Pink, Green, Magenta, Yellow, Blue, and Violet.

Mini Bag

This is an excellent starter bag for entertainers who would like to carry 100-150 balloons.  The Mini Bag come with 3 Easy Load Strips, making balloon loading quick and easy, while holding 150 balloons. A second pocket in the font allows for more balloons, markers, and business cards. The Mini Bag can be tucked into a pocket, attached to a belt, or an existing apron.

Dual Action Hand Pump

Included in the balloon animal entertainers kit is one professional dual action balloon pump. Don’t hurt yourself trying to inflate a balloon, use the dual action balloon pump and inflate the balloon in seconds. This hand pump inflates balloons on the up and down stroke, making balloon inflation quick and easy.

Basic instructions with instructions for easy and amazing balloon sculptures and techniques, explained step-by-step pictures.

This book will help you learn to do the following items.  The Basic Dog, Hot Dog, French Poodle, Giraffe, Mouse, Rabbit Running, Rabbit Sitting, Cat Running, Cat Sitting, Elephant, Teddy Bear, Pig, Horse, Alligator, Cow, Deer, Ram, Camel, Dinosaur, Lion, Tiger, Panther in Pink, Mister Mouse, Wacky Rabbit, Rubber Ducky, Swam, Bird, Humming Bird, Bumble Bee, Bird on a Swing, Parrot, Heart, Lovebirds on a Heart, Clown, Ballerina, Space Man, Muscle Man, Jet Plane, Bike, Turtle, Mighty Turtle, Sword. Belt Sword Holder, Machine Gun, Cobra, Indian Hat, Space Helmet, Heart Hat, Heart Wand, Lips, Flower, Fish and Shark!


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