Balloon Twisting Deluxe Kit

Balloon Twisting Deluxe Kit


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This kit has a good starter book, 1 bag of balloons, one duel action hand pump, 6 Galaxy paint pens, 1 black Sharpie marker, and Faces, Faces, Balloon Faces.

This kit includes:

Instruction book for the following: Dogs, mouse, giraffe, cat, elephant, teddy bear, pig, horse, alligator, cow, deer, ram, Balloonasaurus (Dinosaur), lion, tiger, swan, bird, hummingbird, bee, bird on a swing, parrot, heart, love birds on a heart swing, clown, ballerina, space man, jet plane, bike, turtle, mighty turtle, sword, belt with sword, machine gun, cobra, Indian hat, space helmet, heart hat,  lips, flower, fish,  and shark.

Not only will you learn balloon animals, but also you will learn the basic 12 balloon twists of the trade: Bubble, Soft Bubble, Split Bubble, Slight Bubble, Fold Twist, Tulip Twist, Hook Twist, Pinch Twist, Art twist, Raisin Twist, Marriage Twist, and Insertion. All this twisted are illustrated with detailed pictures and easy to understand text.

Faces, Faces, Balloon Faces
Magical Balloon-dude Dale”s Faces, Faces, Balloon Faces teach how to draw faces on a balloon sculptures. This 32-page book will teach beginners to advanced entertainers the art of drawing faces on a balloon. I know there are other books that teach you how to draw, but this book has been designed specifically for balloon twisters.

Dual Action Hand Pump
Included in the kit is one professional dual action balloon pump. Don”t hurt yourself trying to inflate a balloon, use the dual action balloon pump and inflate the balloon in seconds. This hand pump inflates balloons on the up and down stroke, making balloon inflation quick and easy.

100 balloons
100 professional quality balloons, these balloons have not been sitting around dry rotting like some kits. These balloons are the same high quality balloons that professional balloon entertainers use. Each bag contains an assortment of balloon colors: Quartz Purple, Pink, Ruby Red, Mandarin Orange, Oxen Black, Sapphire Blue, Pale Blue, White, Citrine Yellow, and Emerald Green.

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