5 Web 2.0 Sites you MUST be on if you WANT to be seen

Gicontexto-user-web20-pack-01one are the day’s of the “Field of Dreams” websites. You know “if I build it they will come” mindset.  Reality needs to set in and you need to understand that you need to provide content to your guests when and where they want it? So here is my QUICK list of sites that we KNOW Google Loves and why you should use them.

#1 Squidoo.com www.squidoo.com

Founded by one of the TOP marketing authors in the world – Seth Godin. It has become the leader in `self published ` content.  This site ranks very well in Google and with very little effort can hit the front page of search. This site allows you to talk about any topic and quickly become the expert.

Pros: It Ranks well and Google seems to love it

Cons: They have ads on it

#2 Hubpages – www.hubpages.com

The #1 competition to Squidoo. If you can do it in Squidoo you can do it here.

#3 Wordpress – www.wordpress.com

This is a site where you can host content or articles that do not exact match your site but give weight and relevance. WordPress does not allow thin content (sites built just for a link, or copied content from another site). This can be a great place to publish slightly off topic content that can build more authority and trust back to your main site.

Google loves wordpress.com and it has a very high ability to rank.

#4 Propellerwww.propeller.com

This is like the lost child of Netscape. It has been born out of the changes Netscape wanted to make and then the buyout from AOL and then today WHA LA!! It ranks unbelievably well and is extremely hard to get OFF the front page of google.

#5 YouTube www.youtube.com

OK if this wasn’t in the list I should be shamed out of doing this. Video is so important online now that you can’t ignore the Gorilla in the room. With a little work you can get video ranking page 1 of Google QUICKLY. I’ve seen videos show up in under 24hr before. So if your not putting video out there, its ok your competition is and they can book more.

OK OK that was my idea of subtle. But lets be serious all this Online Marketing is about increasing profit at the end of the week, and VIDEO is a quick way to do that.

I hope you enjoyed my list and that it can help you grow your online presence.

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