3 Solutions For Transporting Balloons You Need To Know

Years ago, a local banquet hall hired me to entertain families visiting Santa. The banquet manager is looking to avoid long lines of kids waiting for a balloon animal. Instead, the manager requested that I premake the balloon animals and hand them out at the event. It sounds like an easy job. The day before the event, I sat in my living room watching the Chicago Bulls game, drank some beers, and twisted one balloon animal figures. 

Problem Bagging and Transporting Balloons

Balloon animals, numbering in the hundreds, quickly fill-up the enormous 60-gallon trash bag bought from the local grocery store.  A 60-galloon trash bag works in a pinch, but the downside is four massive sacks consume an entire car, thus needing a second car when delivering seven bags.

Practical, but it looks unprofessional in transporting balloon figures and centerpieces in black trash bags.  A better option is a balloon bin, which gives a professional appearance and what I used to deliver balloons to the DePaul University TEDx.

The twisting balloon transport bin was a 2′ x 2′ x 4′ nylon bin that loads balloons vertically or horizontally.  When not in use, the bin collapses in the small circular disk stored on a shelf. 

Balloon bin closed for storage

Balloon bins are perfect for delivering small balloon columns, large balloon sculptures, and transporting twisting balloons for balloon training classes. 

The balloon twisting bin fits into the back seat of my Mazda 6 and gives me the ability to pack the car drive with windows down, and have a second person in the car.

Transporting Round Balloons

Basic math will confirm you do not have sufficient square footage to stuff 10-inch round balloons into your car.  You’re going to need a van or rent a panel truck.

A mattress bag makes it fast and easy to transport round balloons. Mattress bags are large bags that professional movers encase a bed mattress in when shipping a bed mattress.

You can acquire mattress bags at local truck rentals or online.  The king’s size mattress bag provides a balloon decorating company the opportunity to transport a large number of round balloons safely in one bag.

Fast. Easy. Cheap. Balloon Transporation Containers

  • 95-Galloon Garbage Can Liner on Amazon  –  Pro: Easy to come by, cheap, and disposable if need be. Con: Not professional-looking, requires a bag tie to keep balloons in, and irregular shape makes for wasted space in transport.  The black bag heats up quicker in the sun, so don’t leave in direct sunlight.
  • Balloon Bin Cube at American Balloons Company or Twister Balloon Transporter an MK Brody  –  Pro: Professional reusable balloon bin that looks good, easy to store, and stackable.  Con: Online purchase from a balloon supplier and requires delivery, unlike trash bags that you can pick up at a local store.

Balloon Bin Cube

Estimated size 3.5′ x 3,5′ x 3.5′

Twisting Balloon Transporter - designed to transprot balloon animals, figures, and balloon centerpieces.

Twisting Balloon Transporter

Pre-inflate up to 100 twisting balloons; 4′ x 2′ x 2-foot boxes fit easily in the back seat of your car. The twisting balloon transporter has a zipper on top and sides for easy access to the balloon. The nylon carrying strap makes it easy to transport.

  • Mattress bags, wholesale Uline – Pro: Great for hauling large numbers of round balloons, can be purchased in a large quantity – 100 per roll;  providing you a year of use.  Con: Huge bags that will not fit into a car and will require a van or panel truck.

Which Balloon Transport Works Best For You Will Depend On:

  • Type of balloons being transported, i.e., rounds, twisting balloons, or complete balloon figures.
  • Presentation – installing before the event or presenting the balloon figure directly to the customer.
  • Number of balloons
  • Transport vehicle, i.e., car, van, or panel truck.

Please leave a comment on what you have experienced using balloon transport bins, bags, or carriers?

3 Solutions For Transporting Balloons You Need To Know
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3 Solutions For Transporting Balloons You Need To Know
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