How to Make a Balloon Flower Tulip

This flower is made from a Betallatex Small Bear Head as shown below.

Betallatex Bears Head BalloonSmall Bear Head

Small Bears HeadInflate the Bear Head about the size of a large grapefruit.

Balloon FlowerPinch off a bubble on one of it’s ears about the size of a golf ball.

P9090018Twist the golf ball bubble in half and twist both half around each other to hold in place.

Balloon Flower

Repeat with the other ear.  Twist all four bubbles together and crisscross them to insure they don’t untwist.

P9090022Inflate a yellow 160 leaving about a 6″ tip. Twist the nozzle end into the bubble cluster.

P9090023Bring the 160 down around the base of the Bear Head and twist in at the nozzle.

P9090024Bring the yellow 160 back up and twist around the cluster.

Balloon FlowerRepeat until you have 4 yellow bubbles on the sides of the Teddy Bear head. Make a small bobble on the tip of the 160.

Flower StemI have inflated a 260 leaving about a 2″ tip. Make 3 pinch twists on the nozzle end.

Flower PedelSqueeze all of the air to the tip of the 260 and make a small bubble. Form a loop about 12 inches from the base of the bud.

Flower StemI have made 2 pinch twists on the base for stability.

Balloon FlowerThe loop makes a very long leaf like the kind you get on tulips. Glue dots help to keep the leaf attached to the stem. Squeeze the end of the loop so its not as round.

Balloon Flower TulipHere is a picture without the bobble on the end. It looks more like a tulip.

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