A Dangerous Year For Entertainers In The Making!

Here’s the truth as it stands right now.  2020 sucks for entertainers!

The Covid-19 pandemic has shut down the entertainment industry as crowd gathering is prohibited around the world.  Trade show facilities have been converted into emergency field hospitals, schools are rolling out e-learning programs, and students are at home.  Library budgets are being reconfigured to buy splash guards and cleaning supplies while park departments are creating v-camps or virtual summer camp programs.

The underlying problem for many virtual programs is they’re untested and no marketing analytics are available and the profit margins are unknown.  This unknown has customers negotiating or seeking the crazies price request making it difficult for an entertainer to meet their bills.

Ok, so it’s doom and gloom, but there must be an upside to this. Yes, but not a big upside.

I was reminded by an entertainer that I left out the daycare markets in the video because they recently booked a series of daycares.  I’m optimistic about the daycare market, but that might be short-lived as US Governors are making new regulations daily and I have a feeling that a good-hearted attempt to keep the public safety will prevent entertainers from putting smiles on faces in daycares this Summer.  However, this is guessing on my part.

I do know the entertainers who have a strong relationship with their clients are getting some work while other entertainers are thinking, “I might have done my last live show.”  2020 is going to be the most competitive and challenging both technically and financially for entertainers.

The one good thing, if you can call it a good thing, is everyone is on the same level.  I know I’m frustrated with the technology, bummed that I cannot interact with an audience, besides myself, as I look at bills that need to be paid while no future income is on the horizon.  Every day I’m on a roller coast of emotions, ideas, and thoughts on how my business and career will make it through the Covid-19 pandemic.  I turn to my friends, and I can see the fear in their eyes as they have the same worries as me. We smile at each other, give encouragement, and offer our help to ensure we don’t fail.

For me, each day makes me stronger, wiser, and one step closer to 2021 when the unknown becomes known and we can plan accordingly.

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  1. This is causing sad children to have fun at party at shows and many. BOBO the Clown

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