2020 For Me It’s The Year Of Zero

2020, Two Steps Forward and Two Steps Back

My 20/20 vision has sharpened during the pandemic, and I find myself looking backward at past jobs, schooling opportunities, and financial decisions.  2020 is the year of two steps forward. Take two steps back.

The highs and lows on this crazy rollercoaster are mind-numbing. My retirement saving was skyrocketing in January. Clients were booking shows steadily, and I was on track to have a great entertainment season. My F.A.C.T.S. summer camp program was a hit with park districts, and things were looking good.  Then everything stumbled backward.

The steady pace of show bookings transformed into a rapped backward decent.  Then the impossible happened. Shows were being removed from the calendar. As fast as shows booked, they disappeared.  The calendar was empty. The total progress results = zero.

In 2020, I saw the shelves overflowing with toilet paper turn empty for months. Restaurant owners see their dining rooms go empty.  2020 isn’t about growth. It is about going nowhere.

As the calendar year moves on, I grasp things to make me feel like we are moving forward.  In my early school years, I would call this busy work. Items that need to get done but on a priority list of life are inconsequential.

2020 for me, is the year of zero.  Which is the big picture, is no negative growth is a good thing in the big picture?

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