10 Balloon Animal Instructions coming in October

Spread the word - balloon animal instructions coming!This October, Dale’s Blog, will be posting 100 articles by professional entertainers and educators.  Included in these 100 articles will be 10, if not more, how to articles on making balloon animals.  That is what  l can share so far, because many of the articles are still in the developmental process. Now, you are now  reading this post and are wondering, who are these people?  Well, it time to let the world know who these special authors are.

  1. William Beatty
  2. Patricia Bunnell
  3. Michael Clay
  4. Shannon Fennell
  5. Barry Friedman
  6. Jonathan Fudge
  7. Jolene Jang
  8. Rick Mohr
  9. James “Bizzaro” Robinson
  10. Jason Vaughn

I will be contributing articles along with a couple special articles by other individuals.

Starting the first week of October, Holly Nagel will have interviews with each author.  These ten posts are introductory posts about each author, allowing readers an insight about the author and their professional background.  I hope you give a big welcome and support their contribution by informing other entertainers about their articles.

If you have not done so yet, please share and tweet 100 Articles in Just 10 Day to your entertainer friends.  You can do this by clicking on the article, go to and click the share button at the bottom of the article, select which social network you would like to broadcast too, and that is it.  It takes less than a minute to inform the world about this event.  So please help me thank these authors by spreading the word about these articles and thanking them for taking the time to write and share their knowledge with the world.

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