TwstGrnd Twisted Garden by Vicky Kimble


Join Vicky Kimble, CBA, as she takes you through a tour of her twisted world! In this first installment, Vicky guides you through her 'garden' where she creates fourteen different balloon sculptures and she does so in a detailed, step-by step process that is easy to follow and understand.

This DVD includes: Pretty as a Daisy Corsage, Sunflower Banquet, BBloomin' Bud, Spring Chick, Flutterby Butterfly, Lady Dragonfly, Bumballoon Bee, Tuki Tuki Bird, 'Nuts' the Squirrel, 'Curly' The Snake, Hungry Bunny, Famished Frog, Mr. Gard N. Gnome and Ribballoon Rose.

Running Time: 110 min. Level: Beginning to Intermediate

Price: $34.95

Sold by - DEO Consulting, Inc.
16334 Boardwalk Terrace Orland Hills
Phone: (708) 744-0233
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