Merlin Merlins Great Balloons Book


Jean Merlin''s complete book of balloon sculpting includes: Balloon Sizes, How to Build and Rotate Your Stock, Conservation, Inflation, Knotting, The coloring, Characterization, The Symbols, The Dog and Its Offshoots: The Mouse, The Hound, The Sheep, The Rabbit, The Donkey, The Horse, The Artesian Basset Hound, The Anteater, and Snoopy.

For beginners or experienced balloon artists.

Includes: Balloon sizes, Conservation, Inflation, Knotting, Coloring, Characterization, Symbols, The dog and its offshoots, Little mouse, Basset hound, Sheep, Rabbit, Donkey, Horse, Artesian basset hound, Anteater, Snoopy, Woodstock, Horse with a mane, Squirrel with hazelnut, Dromedary, Camel, Sitting dog playing with a ball, Kangaroo with boxing gloves, Mother kangaroo and child, Two small animals, Baby mouse, Baby tortoise, Bugs bunny, Poodle, Basic shape two, The bird and Its offshoots, Big simple bird, Pheasant, Knotted bird, Swan, Another swan, Pigeon, Collared pigeon, Vulture, Owl, Parakeet, Basic shape three, Bear and Its offshoots, Bear, Cat, Tiger, Lion, Ram, Mickey mouse, Bat, Elephant, Cobra, Tortoise, Crocodile, Hippopotamus, Rhinoceros, Sea lion balancing a balloon, Separate the four paws, The dog that''s swallowed a pea, An egg changed into a baby swan, Close-up animals using several 260 balloons, Snow goose, Spread-tail swan, Snail, Pegasus, Badger, Pterodactyl, Hydra, Stage animals using 300 diameter balloons, (Making big animals using few balloons), Giraffe, Swan, Dog with ball, Tortoise, Penguin, European wood grouse, Various animals using mixed balloons, Some birds, variation 1, 2, 3, Condor, Parakeet on stand, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Bee, Flowers, Dinosaur, Shape-shifting animals, Anteater into camel, Dog into giraffe, Squirrel into camel, Bird of the islands into collared pigeon, Bird into tortoise, Collared pigeon into rhino, Swan into seahorse, Japanese fish, Octopus, Three birds in one, Sea lion into elephant, The act, Details, and finishing touches, Bits of business, How to improve your animals, The tail of the balloon, Caution! Proportion, Comedy inflation, Costumes, Theme, Crazy Machine, Finale, Shower of balloons, Release of helium-inflated balloons, Working with music, One soundtrack, Two tapes, Remote control, Comedy.

Full Size, Hard Cover, Perfect Bound, 120 Pages


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