MarvinK9 Marvin and K9 Balloon e-Docs


Many people have requested how to make Marvin & K9. Well in December of 1998 I created hand written illustrated instructions - but never converted to a computer file. I have decided to make available these instructions.

As I said these are hand written illustrated diagrams. You will need to know how to make a teddy bear, basic dog, and a 5 petal flower before attempting this balloon sculpture.

If you know how to make these sculptures you can too can make Marvin & K9 with a little practice.

5 pages - 8x11 - black & white - hand written illustrated instructions - with no real measuring scale - you have to eye ball your sizes - Meaning : You should have an idea about size and proportions!

Price: $8.95

Sold by - DEO Consulting, Inc.
16334 Boardwalk Terrace Orland Hills
Phone: (708) 744-0233
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