Luke Luke the Juggler - DVD


This entertaining DVD includes instructions and “quick tips” on teaching yourself to juggle 3, 4, & 5 Balls, 3 and 4 Clubs, 3 and 4 Rings, Cigar Boxes, and FIRE TORCHES!

It also includes “Ball Spinning” instructions. Just like a basketball player, Luke teaches you to spin a ball on your finger and perform amazing spinning tricks like passing the ball under your arm while spinning, and passing it behind your back, to your other finger, and back to the front, all while still spinning on your finger.

If you have ever wanted to learn to juggle, or if you are looking for a unique gift for that “hard to find a gift for” adult or child, this DVD is the perfect solution!

Price: $14.95

Sold by - DEO Consulting, Inc.
16334 Boardwalk Terrace Orland Hills
Phone: (708) 744-0233
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