LOL6-MSlv Link-O-Loon 6 Metallic Silver



The Link-O-Loon™ is a standard 6' latex balloon, but with a very important difference. It has an elongated tail which is used to tie it to another balloon or link-o-loon™. Chains can be created quickly without the use of mono filament line.

Link-O-Loon™ balloon is a specially designed, double-ended 6' latex balloon that can be tied together to create arches, chains, columns, balloon curtains, sculptures, and endless design possibilities without props, frames or other supports.

I only have 4 (four) of these in stock.  Once they are gone i don't have any left. 

They are limited...

1st come 1st serve.  




Price: $6.50

Sold by - DEO Consulting, Inc.
16334 Boardwalk Terrace Orland Hills
Phone: (708) 744-0233
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