Chee_Hat Hat Attack- DVD


Ed Chee explains some of his approach to entertaining using balloons hats.  He covers the aspects of keeping folks waiting in anticipation, the element of surprise, and painting a visual canvas across the entire room using different styles of balloon sculptures.  Ed covers some of the technical elements of creating balloon sculptures, including the use of color, proportion, and time-saving techniques.  There are several recipes included for a wide variety of sculptures, presented in a manner that exemplifies the concepts being explained. 

Ed figures are fairly easy and usable in a restaurant situation.  Ed describes his approach to entertaining a table, how he arranges different hats, the importance of eyes on figures and his triangle 'fits all' hat base. 

 Includes: Ed''s approach to entertaining a table, Bunny Hat, Duck Hat, Monkey in Tree Hat, Snake on Tree Hat, Elephant Hat, Scorpion Hat, Fishing Pole Hat, Swinging Superhero, Horse Hat -ride inside, Scuba Gear, Triangle Hat explanation, Twisted Tips, Competition Pieces, and About the Author.


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