GiftCert-25 A - $25.00 Dollar Gift Certificate


Gift Certificates for Family & Friends

Have somebody who is an entertainer or is a balloon hobbyist and your don''t know what the want or need.  Then get them a gift certificate. 

Simply select the dollar amount you like, check out like normal and we will mail you a gift certificate, it that simple.  The receiver of the gift certificate will shop like normal at the store and when checking out will enter the gift certificate number and the dollar amount will automatically be removed for their purchase.

Gift Certificates

  • Will arrive within 3 to 7 days
  • Send multiple gift certificates to the same address all at once
  • A great present anytime of the year
  • Easy to send and convenient to use


Price: $25.00

Sold by - DEO Consulting, Inc.
16334 Boardwalk Terrace Orland Hills
Phone: (708) 744-0233
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