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Imprinting on Balloons

Imprinting on Balloons

Company logo on a round balloon
Companies for yeas have been printing corporate logos and business slogans on round balloons. These are standard give-a-ways by banks and large corporations with multiple outlets. Restaurants use helium filled imprinted balloons as handouts to children, while car dealerships decorate their parking lot with imprinted balloons.

Imprinting on a balloon can be printed on any size, color, or shape. Simply supply the printer with a line art graphic in jpg or eps format and in a week your log is imprinted on the balloon.

Company logo imprinting on a twisting balloon.
With the improvements of technology and the popularity of balloon animals, manufactures are now producing twisting balloons with logs. Unlike rounds, animal twisting balloons are printed only on one side. Printing placement on twisting balloons is left, middle, or right side.

These balloons can be in 260, 350, or 646 balloons. The sizes of the balloons are 2 inch diameter by 60 inches long, or a 3 inch diameter by 50 inches long.

The newest balloon is the 646, 6 inch diameter by 46 inches long, which can be inflated with helium and can float vertically when tied to a string. When using them vertically, make sure the printed text goes vertically, instead of the traditional horizontal printing.

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Adwaver imprinted balloons

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