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Topic ClosedRules of the mbd2.com Forum

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Direct Link To This Post Topic: Rules of the mbd2.com Forum
    Posted: 11 May 2006 at 10:58am

Posting Rules and Regulations


1. No swearing in threads, and all profanity must be completely starred out (i.e. "****"). The general rule of thumb is: "if you have any doubt, star it out." Generally, as long as you use common-sense you shouldn't ever run into a problem with swearing.


2. No spamming threads. If have nothing to contribute with your post, please find another thread.

3. No excessive thread bumping. Thread bumping is defined as posting in a dead or rarely used thread in order to bring it back to the top of the list. Some bumping is normal as new information for discussion may have arisen, but if there's nothing new to contribute it will be considered spamming.

4. No posting on behalf of someone who's banned. The point of being banned is that the user is no longer a part of this online forum community and is no longer allowed to interact here. Please note: Contacting the mbd2.com moderators for information on the ban is perfectly fine, either for the banned user or someone on their behalf but on the other hand, the staff member in question is under no obligation to provide any information to anyone except the banned user.

5. No making threads that give glory to banned people. It's not a violation to mention them in passing but no threads that focus on them. (e.g. "Ah, AirHead, I miss him so!" "or Hey, it's AirHead’s birthday!").

6. Baiting or intentionally stirring up other users isn't allowed. Debates are fine, but argue with the point, not the person. Threads with no purpose other than flaming, subtle or otherwise, will be closed It's important to remember, however, that a person disagreeing with your opinion is *not* trolling. Try to keep it civil even if you're sure the other person is wrong.

7. No troll/flame sock posting. Gimmick or humor sock posting is okay, but evil sock posting (ban circumvention, flaming someone "anonymously," etc.) is not allowed. Please note, this also includes creating socks to flame yourself as well as others. Any inappropriate sock usage can lead to a ban on both the sock and the main user account.

8. Do not attempt to correct a poster as if you were a Moderator. Being helpful is fine and community is encouraged, but if you have a problem with a post, contact a Moderator via PM rather than attempting to "fix" the situation yourself.

9. The rules for signatures are as follows: Automatic signatures (edited from here) have a 100 character limit, just like it says when you enter it. Minor linking is allowed by typing out the URL, but it counts towards the character limit. Manual signatures are allowed, but the goal is for signatures that want a little bit or color or pizazz and not for huge diatribes or paragraphs.

10. Please do not use the Link Image [image=] feature to direct-link to any photos that aren't a) hosted on your own storage or b) from a major site (yahoo.com, CNN.com) or c) from another site that's said it's okay (e.g. a dedicated picture site). Bandwidth leeching can happen, so please respect the smaller sites by linking via the [link=] feature rather than the [image=] feature of Link Image. Direct linking URL's are always fine, so long as they conform to the other rules of the mbd2.com. (NOTE: Online comic sites [e.g. Dilbert, Penny Arcade, etc.] prefer links to the whole comic page, rather than just the comic itself.) And, as always, please remember that you are responsible for your own image links if the pics get switched on you. The mbd2.com Administration reserves the right to remove image links upon request from the owner of a linked site.

11. You are not allowed to post another user's picture or any other personal information on the mbd2.com forum without that user's express consent.

12. Private messages are just that: private. They may not be re posted without the express permission of the sender. Private messages may be re-posted by members of the Administration in private forums without permission for official purposes.

13. Private messages are held to the same standards as normal posts, and are not exempt from the rules. While we do not perform random checks of private messages, administrators have the ability to check private messages when there is a complaint or probable cause. Any rule violations in private messages that result in complaints may led to administrative action against the sender. Also, the contents of your profile should follow the rules of mbd2.com forum (where applicable).

14. Account sharing is not allowed no matter what the circumstances are.


Moderator Complaint Resolution Process

Whenever you have a problem with a moderator's action, it is preferable that you contact the moderator involved directly. Should an unresolved problem arise with the actions of a moderator, please contact an administrator for review and investigation.

Please provide as much information relating to the complaint as possible. Be specific. If you have a problem with moderating a specific thread or post, provide a link to the posts involved. If you cannot give a link, at least give the date and time of the post, and the URL of the thread. If you wish to report a pattern of complaints, provide several examples and links. Unclear allegations are difficult to investigate and may be dismissed for lack of evidence.

Once receiving a complaint, an administrator will begin an investigation. The administrator will review the post(s) indicated, the user notes of the involved parties, as well as any other relevant materials. If additional information is required, the administrator will contact the user(s) and moderator(s) involved in the matter for further information. In the case of further investigation, all parties will be requested to describe their views of the matter. Once enough information is available, the investigating administrator will decide a resolution for the complaint. If the investigating administrator determines that discipline may be required against a moderator, the case will be given to the Admin for review and final decision. The investigating administrator may choose to make a non-binding recommendation to the Head Admin on possible resolutions.

All complaints will be reported to the Admin by the investigating administrator(s) on a weekly basis, providing a summary of both the complaint and its resolution or current status (i.e. received, under investigation, awaiting responses, etc). If the Head Admin determines that a moderator has accumulated excessive complaints, the Head Admin may initiate further investigation or discipline as required. The Head Admin may decide to delegate investigation of a complaint to a different admin than the one receiving the initial complaint.

If it is an emergency of the following proportions

·  Extreme Flaming

·  Extreme Foul Language

·  Porn

·  Spamvertising

  1. Please notify a Moderator – go to the forum main page, Who’s Visisted Today.  Click on the link and the first 5 people on the list is the Admin and Moderators. 
  2. Click their name then click on PM
  3. In the subject line put something to this effect: EMERGENCY - {emergency}.
    That may be EMERGENCY - PORN for example
  4. In the subject be sure to include a link to the thread(s) in question. If you're unsure of markup codes, don't bother. However, if you can't provide a link be sure to indicate the forum and what page the thread is on. 
  5. Continue steps 1-5 until the problem is resolved.

FAQ - Terminology

QUESTION: What is a "troll"?
ANSWER: A "troll" is someone who posts with a hostile intent, posting inappropriately to cause others harm or annoyance. A person is said to be "trolling" if he/she posts with the obvious intent of riling up the other members, and to "get a rise out of them". This is usually punished by a ban, unless it is a minor first offense.

QUESTION: I think I might have identified a user who is trolling." What do I do?
ANSWER: Contact a moderator who is online (by checking the online links at the top of the forum) to report the suspected troll. Make sure you include the link of the thread(s) in which you spotted the troll as it will help us take care of the situation much faster. PMs will be confidential.

QUESTION: What is "flaming"?
ANSWER: Insulting or antagonizing another member can be considered "flaming". This is a banable offense as well.  Remember to argue/attack IDEAS not people. if you can't win your argument or make your point without insulting the person, you need to leave the conversation.

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