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Classified Ad Submission

Please read and understand these conditions before placing your classified ad on the mbd2.com classified web site.

  • You must be a paid subscriber of the mbd2.com forum place a classified ad. There are no exceptions.
  • Ads are your personal property, you cannot place and ad for someone else.
  • Mbd2.com, DEO Consulting, Inc is not responsible for errors in advertising caused by unclear or unreadable advertising.
  • One ad in one category, is allowed, no exceptions. Administrator will deny any multiple summations.
  • The mbd2.com Administrator reserves the right to reject and/or edit any classified ads.
  • The Classified Ad Editor (CAE) is responsible for approving the format of ads. Any ad that is too hard to edit may be rejected by the Administrator.

The CAE uses the following guidelines when editing classified ads.

    • If any required information is missing from the ad, it will be rejected.
    • The advertising text will be edited to ensure clarity and read easily. Clumsy sentence structure will be repaired by the CAE.
    • Abbreviations which could be misunderstood or are hard to read are expanded by the Admin. When punctuation is used where a word should be used (+, &, @), the punctuation will be replaced by the word (plus, and, at).
    • Obvious spelling errors will be corrected.
    • The ads must be entered in mixed case (upper and lower case). All uppercase or lowercase ads will be rejected (or edited by the Admin).
    • Only one punctuation character is used per sentence, multiple punctuation characters are removed by the Admin.
    • The telephone number must be in the form (111) 222-3333. There are no spaces inside the parenthesis and there is exactly one space after the parenthesis. The exchange and number must be separated by a dash character.
    • The email address must be all lower case characters.

Subscription Process

  1. Register to mbd2.com, not necessary if already registered.
  2. Click here to purchase mbd2.com membership, cost $25 for the year. Paypal or Credit Card.
  3. Activation takes 24-72 hours,
  4. When you login to the mbd2.com forum a new icon will appear giving access to the classified registration.
  5. Register in the classified system.
  6. Login and place ad - Admin will approve/deny ad within 48 hours