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What’s a Balloon Jam you ask? A Balloon Jam is where balloon entertainers, beginner, intermediate, and advanced twisters, get together and share ideas, designs, and contacts.

Who should attend? These events are open to professional entertainers, balloon hobbyists, clowns, jugglers, and magicians.

Do I need balloons? You bring your own supplies: 260’s, 350’s, 160’s, rounds, rubber gloves. Yes, some entertainers use rubber gloves to make their creations.

What is the Balloon Jam Calendar?

This calendar will list where free balloon jams are occuring around the world. Cost – Free! However, some of these events are sponsored by restaurants and the restaurant is hoping that you will make a pruchase or will at least provide extra balloon creations to there guests. So, be polite and suport the sponsoring restaurant.


How do I get my event on this calendar?
e-mail - subject: Balloon Jam

Please provide the following information:

Date of Balloon Jam
Start & Ending Time

Location: Full Address
Location: Telephone Number

Contact Persons Name
Contact Person's email - telephone number or both


** Events that have a registration fee can be listed, but must pay to be listed on this calendar.

*** Fee for listing your event, is the cost of events registration fee.