How I Survive the Busy Season

Over 33-years I’ve been entertaining, and I have learned you have to keep in shape if you want to survive the busy season.

From situps, pushups, and leg workouts I’ve found keeping your body in shape makes a big difference.

When I first started, I was a young guy in shape and working out was just part of life.  Then my life changed, I got married, had kids, and as my life changes so did my eating, sleeping, and workout habits.


My goal is not to become a professional bodybuilder, but to prepare my body for long days of standing, sitting and eating habits change.

I found working on my core has helped with standing for long hours.  Doing leg exercises and working large muscles helps burn off those late night meals, and keeping my upper body in shape keeps back muscles from tightening after a long gig.

Working out and staying in shape will extend your entertaining career and you will feel better.

Drop me a comment if you are working out and share your success story.