Spamming or is it Good Marketing

You’re proud of your work and want to show it off to the world.

“You’re spamming the group,” flames a post. Another post reads, “I’ve seen this already – STOP posting the same thing in every group.”

Is it spamming or marketing? For now, just ponder over this question. I’ll ask for feedback after you’ve read my thoughts.

“Do you want to be seen, heard or be known? Then you need to be out there promoting,” says the YouTube Internet marketing guru. The take away from the video is that you cannot rely on your little circle of friends in your social media outlets to expand your business; you have to go to other groups, forums, and markets.

I looked at some of the groups I post in and their size can range from 500-6,000 people. If the group is active it may get twenty to fifty posts a day. Have you ever gone on vacation and come back to a group and realized there are hundreds of posts? Frankly, who has the time to look at all those posts?

Would you agree it’s a safe assumption to say that not all 500-6,000 people log in every day? If you’re anything like me you only check two to three groups. Many of the groups I am a member of, I have been automatically added into; some I was curious about, and others I have no frink’n idea why I’m a part of them.

Readers of Balloon Animal Blog

Readership spikes when posting in multiple Facebook groups.

If you were in the balloon industry pre-Facebook you would have been part of forum, balloonhq, or the newly started balloon-animal forum. It was common back then to have an individual post a picture, link, or sales pitch in every forum; only thing was… there were only a handful of communities.

There are thousands of groups in Facebook which are void of activity. With that said, would it not benefit an individual to post relevant information in multiple groups if they are trying to expand their market? Posting in multiple locations would increase visibility. And here lies the dilemma… posting multiple times.

If I could post one place and generate 1,000 readers, I would do it. Yet, for me to generate 1,000 readers in one day I have to post to twenty different sites just to generate that number of readers. It is now a numbers game. The more groups I post, the more readers I get.

Is the need for “like’s” so important that people spam a group? Or is the numbers game like me, who needs to post in multiple groups to be read?

My one post Never Have Left Over Balloons Again, generated 840 readers, yet few comments. All the comments are posted in Facebook. This forces me to spend most my day replying to posts in twenty different Facebook groups. Good for the group as activity is occurring, but the blog site is getting no comments.

You may agree with me that it is better to have some activity in a group than none, even if it is a dispute over posting in multiple groups. So I don’t look at it as spamming a group, but more as marketing to readers.

So now that you’ve read my thoughts… I will ask you to share this post in a group or with people who post in multiple group and post your thoughts below on whether you think posting one content in multiple groups is spamming or marketing.  Don’t forget to subscribe at the top of the blog.