A Solution on How to Use Up a Bad Bag of Balloons

If it has not happened yet, it is going to. It is just a matter of time.  Balloon after balloon you inflate is defective and you are now stuck with a bag of bad balloons.  It happens to the best of us.

I laugh when I read posts that say you should return a defective bag of balloons back to the distributor or manufacturer.  Comments like this are perpetuated by the manufacturer, not the people working in the trenches.

I personally, I do not have time to test each case of balloons I receive.  I am too busy loading my apron and getting ready for tomorrow’s event. Secondly, I am expecting the manufacturer to do quality control.  My focus is twisting balloons and  putting smiles on my clients face.

I have learned that bad balloons cannot handle the normal stress that I put on them when twisting, and many times just deflate.  The secret I have learned is to use bad balloons in simple designs, which have a wow factor.  How do you do this you ask?  Wings are my answer.

Butterfly, dragon, or bat wings are great ways to use up those bad balloons. Wings have very few twists, are simple to make, and creates a big “wow” with kids.

Here is a dragon/bat wing design that is simple to make.

Start with 12 balloons.  That sounds like a lot of balloons, but when I have to burn through 2-3 bags of bad balloons, I don’t care how many balloons it takes. I want that crap out of my apron, gone from my stock, and I am happy to use them in a quick design with a wow factor.

Step 1.   Inflate 2-260’s, fold and twist together forming an X.

Step 2.  Inflate 1-260 balloon fully inflated and attach it to one leg of the X -we  will call this balloon bottom of the wing.

Bat wing - step 1

Step 3.  Take one of the unused legs of the X and fold it in half. Twisting it so it creates an L shape.  The corner of the L will be wrapped into the bottom of the wing balloon. I try to brake the bottom of the wing into 1/3 sections.     See image below.

Bat Wing Step 2

Step 4.  Take another leg of the X and make another L shape balloon. Attach the corner of the L shape balloon to the loop at the bottom of the wing.  Twist the remaining balloons together to finish the wings.  See the next picture.

Bat Wing Step - 3

Step 5.  Repeat Steps 1-4 and make a second wing.

Bat Wings Step 5

Step 6.  Twist the right wing and left wing together.

Bat wings step  6

Step 7.   Remove any excess balloon tips.

Step 8.  Remove any extra balloon bubbles that may be to large.

Step 9.  Inflate the last 260 and make a figure eight.  Twist the figure eight into the joints that connect the right and left wing together.  This is the shoulder straps for the child to wear.

Bat wings final step

Dragon Wings

Dragon wings are made same way, but have one extra balloon add to the end of the wing to give a different shape to the wing structure.

 Dragon Wings

You can keep adding balloons to the wings to make them bigger but, keep in mind that if you make them to big, they will drag on the ground and pop.