Name Badges

Entertainers Tip 6
October 24, 2002 update notice – Halloween Pictures

It occurred to me the other day that as a entertaining, I should have multiple name badges, besides the normal two I carry. The first name badge is used for the restaurant entertaining saying “Magical Balloon-dude Dale – Suggested tip $2,846,352.35”. I’ve never received this tip, but the customer gets a good laugh at the suggestion; and the second badge is Magical Balloon-dude Dale. This is used when I’m performing private parties.

But why not have one for every season? It occurred to me this year I should have a name badge that is decorated for each season. Halloween maybe an orange name badge with a pumpkin. I’ve seen companies that create name badges that have actual graphics on the background like you would see at a chain restaurant. Why not create one for every holiday; after all, we spend money on holiday accessories. Why not name badges?
Well I let you know how this turns out; I’m in the process of finding a name badge companies to make my badges.
Things to think about when making your name badge.
  1. Simple text – you want people to be able to read your name.
  2. Keep it simple – don’t get to jazzy.
  3. Website address – Become a walking billboard for you website.
  4. Get badges that have magnetic backing – this will prevent you from making holes in your clothes.
  5. Get backups of your everyday name badges – badges can easily get misplaced. Have a backup when you need it!6) Buy and extra magnetic back – backings are easily misplaced.