It’s all About Line Twisting

During my thirty-plus years of balloon twisting I have learned some valuable information when it comes to line twisting. Line twisting is when a balloon entertainer is faced with the challenge of making as many balloons as possible in a given period, while kids stand in line waiting for a balloon.

Every balloon entertainer will be placed in this situation, and the ability to work efficiently is key to being a successful line twister. I personally try to avoid jobs that require line twisting, but many large church picnics, festivals and fairs, schools, kids’ exhibits, and park districts have hired me to be a repetitive balloon producing machine.

Balloon Line Twisting

There are several key elements to being successful line twisters. The first thing I learned is that I am hired as a balloon twisting dispensing machine. Not for my comedic entertainment abilities, but the ability to get “every child” a balloon figure. That’s what the client wants. It does not matter if I can make funny pun after pun, it’s all about keeping the line moving and producing many balloons very quickly..

For me, it is hard to remove the entertainment value from working with a balloon, but I have learned that it needs to be reduced dramatically. Being a balloon producing factory is draining on me, both physically and mentally. The energy that is used making people laugh is now being focused on keeping my wits about me while people glare, make comments, show me attitude, and behave impercipiently. As I stand in front of them seeing and hearing them, they gripe about standing in a line that wraps around the room in an endless spiral.

Secondly, I have to shift my thinking when it comes to balloon entertaining and how I charge the client. Part of my charge is based on me inflating the balloon onsite. That time and energy is built into the performance rate. However, when line twisting I have learned for me to be successful you need to bring pre-inflated balloons. That time and energy is in addition to the time and energy I will exert during the actual balloon twisting dispensing machine process. The extra seconds do add up and the energy not used in inflating does help, because line twisting is a marathon and not a sprint.

The third thing I think about it the designs I will make. What is quick, efficient, and creates a wow factor? Efficiency is the key. Experience I gained while working at Harris Casino as a balloon entertainer was that a basic teddy bear that I make involves twisting ten bubbles, whereas a penguin has the same amount of bubbles, three balloon colors, only takes seconds longer to produce, reduces stress on the hands and fingers, and increases the wow factor by 100%, so it was the more efficient balloon design to use in large crowds. Efficiency with a wow factor I have learned generates repeat business.


Color and selection are tossed out the window when it comes to line twisting. I like to use a base color, these are the pre-inflated balloons. This way everyone in the school, church, and exhibit have the same basic body color, the details may be customized if the person receiving the balloon is a boy or girl.

I learned using a base color makes it easy on my balloon inventory. I’m doing a school; I need 3-4 bags of white balloons and 3 bags of mix colors. Recently, I choose random color balloons for wrist bands that I twisted for a school and the only option to the children was, alien head or smiley face? Sorry, kids not color choices; just what type head do you want.

School KidsLastly, I look at the audience age. School events insure that all kids are same age, so one or two designs are needed. The other day I made all the Kindergarteners, 14 classes, wristbands with heads, while 1-5 graders received twisted hats. Both groups were over two days, during which I dispensed over 1,100 balloons.

Advanced planning makes the line twisting process easier on both me and the client. Once I have a plan on what I’m going to make at the venue, little things like line control, where equipment and supplies are placed for efficiency, padding to stand on to reduce leg and back stress, water to keep hydrated, and all those other tips and tricks I do to be successful all come into play just like all my other venues. The major difference is…. the balloon selection is limited, comedic energy is lowered, and balloons are being distributed like a machine. If I keep the machine from breaking down, the client is happy, and the results are repeat work and money in my pocket.