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Requesting A Recommendation

referral-balloonLet’s face it, most entertainers’ business comes from recommendations. If we do not solicit past clients for recommendations then we are just relying on advertising to generate new business. Over the past 30 years, I have worked hard on generating new business.  As hard as I work to acquire new clients, it is past clients that fill up my date book.

Hours are lost looking for new clients when I have a database of clients that love my service and willingly recommend me to co-workers, family, and friends.

Recently, I emailed clients asking for referrals, and received great response. A request for a Bar Mitzvah for March 2014, several birthday requests, and many who said, “You did a great job entertaining my son and his friends a few years ago. People still complement me about the birthday party and your balloons. I am more than happy to recommend you to friends, co-workers and family. No need of the 10% referral.” I offer a 10% commission or a donation in your name to your favorite charity if the referrals book an event.

Seeking referrals from past clients is much more rewarding then working cold calling a list and counting the number of Nos before reaching that first Yes. The instant positive response is much more rewarding and gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

My email was straightforward, just reminding them that referrals drive much of my business and of the services that I offer. I included a 10% discount, but 99% of the clients stated it was not necessary.

So if you are struggling with bookings this year, turn to your database of past clients. Ask for a referral and see what happens. In my case, I was greeted with compliments, which helps your self-esteem when you’re scratching your head trying to find work. Try it and let me know how it works out. I would love to hear about your success.

On June - 1 - 2013

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