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November is for Turkey’s

Turkey on head November is for Turkeys

Thanksgiving on my mind…

The leaves have fallen; lawn mowers are being stored and replaced with snow blowers. Summer clothes are being stored away and lost money is being found in coats hoarded from years passed.

The warmth of the furnace reminds me summer has gone.  Yet, the night sky is clear and the stars shine so bright, but the chill of the night keeps me watching from within the warmth of my house.

My thoughts of Zombies, Witches, and Scarecrows are fading into the night, while thoughts of a turkeys gobble is invading  my brain.

What strange, delightfully, and cleaver ways can I make a turkey out of balloons? I’m not sure what waits for the turkey design. All I know is its Thanksgiving time and I need to order more brown balloons.

 November is for Turkeys


Chicago Corporate Entertainer, Dale Obrochta is a professional balloon artist who amazed audiences with his comedic balloon entertainment. Available for 1st birthday parties, grand openings, trade shows, and corporate events. (708) 744-0234

On November - 1 - 2012

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