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Legos more than Toys

s Day Leprechaun Legos more than ToysBefore I could plop myself into the rocking chair I had to move my son’s library book, Lego Ninjago Master of Spinjitzu Character Encyclopedia.  Apparently while I was busy conquering the world, so too was Legos. Long gone are the days of just square blocks and using your imagination.  Now you can buy entire cities, worlds and adventure series all made from Legos.

I have known for a while that Lego sets weregetting popular and that they have whole stores dedicated to the sale of little plastic blocks.  Just recently, a friend’s son started his own blog about Legos.

Seeing my son’s book, I Googled Lego figures and my eye zoomed in on the St. Patrick’s Day figure.  Since it’s March and St. Paddy’s Day is just around the corner, I thought I would make a Lego Leprechaun.

I am glad I looked at my son’s book first and did not read my wife’s Better Housekeeping.  Who knows what I would be blogging about, let alone twisting, today.

 Legos more than Toys


Chicago Corporate Entertainer, Dale Obrochta is a professional balloon artist who amazed audiences with his comedic balloon entertainment. Available for 1st birthday parties, grand openings, trade shows, and corporate events. (708) 744-0234

On March - 1 - 2013

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