Frustration of Bad Audio

ARG! The frustration of watching a video and realizing the audio is bad.  The video production is spot on, the speech content is exactly what the client wants and I thought to myself, “This is going to be a great video”.   Until I sit and watch the playback and realize the mic wiring has gone bad.

I listen to the audio and you can hear the mic cut in and out. ARG! Technology don’t fail me now but it is too late. The only thing you can do is to tweak the audio and say, “This will never happen again!”

Working with balloons, I’ve learned if a balloon pops, it can be fixed.  Fixing audio is not as easy to fix.

Technology failure happens and all you can do as a professional entertainer/speaker is keep going forward.  Now you may be thinking if you had a sound person there or run  one more test the problem would have been caught.  You would think, but can you recall watching the nightly news and the news anchors mic didn’t work?  It happens to the best of us.

In this video, Props, it happened to me.  I tried tweaking the sound, but after an hour of playing with the audio I just came to the conclusion that I did my best and what will be, will be.

This video is just a training video for my YouTube channel iTalkDEO and is more of an inconvenience but for my friend Garrett, majorly bummed, when the audio issues happened at his TEDx talk.  I come to learn they had an issue with the wireless mic and even though everything was tested and double check technology failed them.

As professional, I know I have another day to stand in the spotlight and redeem myself but it’s frustrating when it happens.