Cheap Way To Brand Your Entertainment

This past weekend the weather turned cool and I dug out my jacket which made me think?

Why aren’t entertainers branding their jackets with their logo?

This was popular years ago and it’s a cheap way to brand your entertainment and advertise too.

Watch the video as I show you different shirts I’ve had made over the years.

This was the first logo I have stitched on a shirt.  I learned you have to keep it simple.

A complicated logo is hard to read and loses its effect.

The face I used is really a balloon that I designed a year earlier.

I put my logo on a jacket years ago and still have and use this jacket.  It is worth spending a couple extra dollars to get a good jacket as you will wear it for years.  Plus, it will keep you warm on the cool days.

T-Shirts I bought and had a local airbrush artists decorate it with my name.


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Enjoy and keep twisting.